Kreate Dance Centre  - Come Dance The Dynamic Difference
Dance Tree is a specialist dancewear shop  located within the Kreate Dance Centre. We carry a wide range of leotards, tutus and dance accessories to suit all our dancers needs  
Please visit the website or call Sara on 07505112594 for more information on products and opening hours.

Melody Bear - Wiggles and Giggles - Dancing Daisies
Our youngest dancers can choose from our beautiful selection of ballet dresses and tutus. 
Pink is our favourite and is the Kreate colour for Melody Bear, Wiggles and Dancing Daisy classes!
Pink tap shoes for the Melody Bears.
Black tap shoes for Wiggles and Daisies
Boys should wear a Kreate T-shirt or a white T shirt  with black shorts, white socks and black or  white ballet shoes  
Pre-Primary/Primary Ballet/Grade One and Two
Uniform for the girls is the ISTD regulation plum leotard, pink ballet socks or tights and pink ballet shoes. Optional crossover cardigan.

Pre-Primary and Primary girls wear the plum chiffon skirt

 Uniform for the boys is a white T shirt  with black shorts, white socks and black or white ballet shoes                           
                                  Ballet - Grade Three and above
  Choice of ISTD Plum Regulation Leotard or any style Black Leotard with pink  
  ballet socks or tights.
  Hair swept into a classical bun
                                   Tap and Modern -  Grade  One and above   
 Any style black leotard with black dance leggings/tights/dance shorts
 Tap shoes or bare feet
 Hair tied back neatly

Performance Theatre Class (Troupe)
Any style or colour leotard 
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